McCoy Coatings & Hydraulics has a full-service hydraulic facility dedicated to the repair, testing, and manufacturing of hydraulic equipment. Our focus is the larger equipment found in the oil sands industry – but we also provide our expertise for repair and maintenance in all sizes of hydraulic components. We are an authorized repair facility for worldwide manufacturers of large haul trucks, shovels, and additional components, including:

  1. Crane cylinders
  2. Swivel joints
  3. Hoist cylinders
  4. Front and rear suspensions
  5. Press cylinders
  6. Steering and brake accumulators
  7. Excavating equipment
  8. Snubbers

With every disassembly, repair quote, and repair completed, we include:

  1. Comprehensive inspection report including Magnetic Particle Inspection.
  2. Detailed photos.
  3. Failure analysis.
  4. All repair requirements will be quoted in detail before repair work begins.
  5. A pre-assembly inspection is completed before each cylinder is reassembled to ensure required specifications are maintained.
  6. Cylinders are tested using our hydraulic test bench during variable pressure settings and within required operating pressures.

With torque capabilities of 120,000 foot pounds, we have the ability to disassemble the largest of hydraulic components.

Our customers’ success depends greatly on our ability to provide accurate quotations, superior repair quality, and timely delivery of the repaired product. We strive to ensure our workmanship exceeds expectations.

Hydraulics Division Capacities:

  1. Components weighing up to 35,000 lb.
  2. Hydraulics machine shop.
  3. Specializing in large cylinder repairs, such as RH4000, EX8000 and Bucyrus crowd cylinders
  4. 9 tear down benches

Certifications & Memberships

ISO 9001:2008
COR Certified
ISO 14001 Compliant
PICS Member