In an automated facility at McCoy Coatings & Hydraulics, Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) hard-facing is applied to various components from a variety of industries. The full scope of advantage of this hard-facing method is still being realized. Some key points about this process include:

  1. PTA is a high energy, low heat, inert gas welding process.
  2. This process provides minimal dilution and high resistance to chipping because of its dense metallurgical structure, free of voids, oxide films, and discontinuities.
  3. Used on parts subject to corrosion, thermal shock, severe abrasion, slurry erosion, or extreme impact forces to increase component life.

Common applications of PTA include:

  1. Downhole drilling tools
  2. High wear piping components / slurry transport
  3. Ground engagement equipment for the oil sands / mining industries
  4. Breaker screens
  5. Valve components
  6. Areas where traditional wire based overlays such as chromium carbide are not providing significant wear-life

Common powder materials used in the PTA process:

  1. Tungsten Carbide
  2. High Nickel Alloys
  3. Chrome Carbide
  4. Inconel
  5. Stellite
  6. Iron based compositions
  7. Colmonoy
  8. Nonmagnetic powder compositions
  9. Various other powder compositions – including Titanium – are being tested to meet specific customer needs

We have recently added new equipment to this division to expand our capacities, and better serve our customers needs.

Facility Specifications:

PTA – ID, OD, and flat plate applications

  • ID – 2 ½ “ to 4” in diameter, up to 48” in length
  • ID – 4” up to 12”, up to 96” in length
  • ID – 12” and larger up to 12’ in length
  • OD – 3” to 30” diameter, up to 36’ in length, though additional application capacities are still being realized.
  • Table-top units for large flat applications.

Certifications & Memberships

ISO 9001:2008
COR Certified
ISO 14001 Compliant
PICS Member