Many of our customers seek specific data acquisition solutions that meet the challenges of the harsh environments they operate in. Our team of highly experienced engineers are waiting to work with you to customise an engineered solution that provides you with the essential data you need, in real time.

Here are some examples of how our sensors are being used today!

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How do you
weigh an airliner?

When weighing an airliner, nothing is more important than accuracy and reliability. The McCoy Global PADS System delivers both. Its accuracy, dependability, ease-of-use and maintainability has led major aircraft manufacturers to choose PADS as the exclusive system for weighing their aircraft. PADS can be used for all aircraft and for other high accuracy weighing applications. Both the scale and display are ruggedized against physical abuse, shock and vibration, and are certified for use in Hazardous areas. Because its electronics assemblies are environmentally sealed and its stainless steel sensors are seal welded, the scale can be reliably set down into floor recesses.

How do you
help control floods at Glen Canyon Dam?

Our load monitoring equipment helps raiser and lower floodgates at damns across the US.

How do you
help keep Milwaukee fans dry?

Or ... at least out of the rain. McCoy Global load monitoring equipment helps control the Miller Park retractable roof.

How do you
keep shipping channels clean?

McCoy Global winch monitoring systems keep NOAA's scanning sonors under control.

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