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Get the highest-quality dies and inserts in the fastest turnaround time. Since 2005, McCoy has been producing GRITFACE® Dies and Inserts; today we manufacture all the common dies and inserts used throughout the world.

McCoy inserts provide the accuracy you need for critical applications. Our dies are heat-treated to provide maximum insert life. We also offer a variety of tooth patterns to securely grip the hardest strings of casing, tubing, and drill pipe.

We know that today's hostile well environments often use corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) tubulars that require special handling tools. Our GRITFACE® Inserts allow you to use your standard handling tools with CRA strings because the GRITFACE® Coating prevents contamination and marking. It's economical and allows you to use the tools you have on hand.


The GRITFACE® die and insert coating system combines the use of extremely hard grit particles, high strength corrosion resistant brazing materials and application processes which insure optimum dimensional control.

Why GRITFACE® Dies and Inserts?

GRITFACE® coating for tong dies and handling tool inserts is field-proven to last longer than hardened steel dies and inserts used with high-strength tubulars:

  • Used to run most CRA tubulars in North Sea since 1997 and now used worldwide
  • Used on tubulars from 1-3/50” to 13-3/8”
  • Heaviest string run to date weighs in excess of 250 tons
  • Heaviest lab test to date is 400 tons on 7”-35PPF 22% Cr 125ksi tubing
  • Used with expandable tubulars


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