End of Sale Announcement for 3PS Torque Sensor Models TTS01, TTS04 and TTS06 – April 2, 2015

3PS Torque Sensor models TTS01, TTS04 and TTS06 are being announced as End-of-Sale (EOS) effective immediately. 3PS has not accepted new orders for these models since January 2008. The TTS01, TTS04 and TTS06 technology is no longer supportable due to component obsolescence. The TTS08 replacement has been commercialized and fielded during the past 5 years and offers not only continuity of supply but substantial increases in capability and serviceability.

3PS customers that currently have TTS01, TTS04 or TTS06 Torque Sensors are encouraged to upgrade to our TTS08 controller as soon as possible. The capability to repair existing units will be maintained through Dec 31 2015 contingent upon component availability. Customers are encouraged to provide a 12 month repair forecast ASAP to allow 3PS to procure obsoleting components on a last time buy and support customer needs during 2015.

After this time, TTS01, TTS04 and TTS06 units will no longer be eligible for repair. 3PS support for consumables, such as the TTS01, TTS04 and TTS06 battery pack units, will continue throughout the life of the sensor. Once a TTS01, TTS04 or TTS06 is deemed “non-repairable”, the Torque Sensor will need to be upgraded to a TTS08 Torque Sensor unit.