SAFETY is in McCoy’s DNA and we are proud to say that we design and build all our equipment with Safety First, mentality.

SAFETY is in McCoy’s DNA and we are proud to say that we design and build all our equipment with Safety First, mentality. The following Tong Safety Features Diagram highlights some of the key safety features of our Hydraulic Power Tong product line.

Safety Paint Scheme
All McCoy equipment is factory painted with an intuitive, color-coded scheme designed to visually aid in communicating safe equipment handling practices to nearby personnel.

Hands-Free Jaw Retention System
A spring retention system automatically retracts tong jaws into the ready position when gripping force is released,  relieving operators of the need to manually reposition jaws.

Safety  Stickers
Potential hazards are indentified on the exterior of the equipment with stickers that visually alert  and inform users.

Door Finger Guard
A rubber guard minimizes potential pinch points when the tong door is opened and closed without impacting performance.

Door Switch
Tongs come equipped with a door switch interlock system that prevents or quickly stops tong rotation if the door is opened. Only once fully closed will operation be possible.

Dedicated Equipment  Maneuvering Handles
Robust, clearly marked handles allow the operator to maneuver the equipment on and off tubulars from a safe position.

Hydraulically Actuated Tong  Features
Mechanical tong functions, such as door, backing pin, and gear shift operation, can be hydraulically actuated at the valve bank, providing operator error fail-safes and eliminate the need for an operator to approach the front of the equipment.

Valve Bank Protection
Rigid protective bars aid in the prevent accidental damage or actuation of hydraulic levers.

Onboard Pressure Gages
Hydraulic system pressure gauges are positioned on equipment to allow for quick and easy viewing by the operator.

Spring Covers
Where necessary, rubber sleeves are fitted over all large exposed  springs to provide an extra measure of pinch point protection for users.

Stability Legs
McCoy equipment is designed with stability and a solid foundation in mind, lowering the center of gravity and decreasing the risk of equipment topple.

Conforms to International Standards
McCoy Global equipment conforms to the following international standards (among others):
  • EN ISO 12100ISO
  • ISO 4413:2010
  • BS EN 61310-3:2008
  • BS EN 349
  • EN ISO 80079-36:2016
  • EN ISO 80079-37:2016

MTT Safety Diagram

Spanish Version of Tong Safety Features Diagram