At McCoy Global, we know that your equipment is key to your success. That’s why we focus on providing the highest-quality drilling and completion equipment, customized to your needs, as cost-efficiently as possible.

McCoy Global manufactures and distributes high-performance tubular equipment for the oil and gas industry, suited to both workover and drilling applications on land-based and offshore rigs. As your one-stop shop for energy products and services, we also provide specialized hydraulic power tongs, dies and inserts, make/break torque equipment, and computerized torque turn monitoring systems.

Our brands, produced and distributed in Alberta, Louisiana, and Texas, are some of the best-known in the industry: CLINCHER®, FARR®, WINCATT® and GRITFACE®. These brands are proven to be tough and durable, giving you high returns on your investment. 

To get your equipment in the field sooner, McCoy has integrated manufacturing activities, allowing us to deliver innovative solutions to even the most complicated product development challenges faster than ever.