McCoy Global is offering our Customers the option to rent our equipment, globally. As an OEM, we can provide Customers with the right equipment for varying periods of time by leveraging our large and diverse rental fleet.


For each of the rental Product lines below show one picture of the product and short commentary underneath and ad a link to connect to the Product webpage of that product line.


Power Tongs

We offer more than 10 different models and have over 50 tongs in our rental fleet.



We have 25 Torque Turn Monitoring Systems in our rental fleet and no rental request is too big for us to handle.



We have over 30 Wireless Torque Subs of various sizes and torque ratings to satisfy all your needs.



We have a number of Iron Roughneck Torque Testers of various specs. that you can rent from us to verify the torque output of your iron roughneck, bucking unit or tong.

Why rent?

  • Benefits the customer financially through efficient use of capital.
  • Minimizes operational issues by eliminating need for maintenance, repair, service or replacement.
  • Provides customer with specialized equipment for short term periods.
  • Allows access to the right equipment for the job.
  • Reduces down-time by allowing you to keep working when your main equipment is out of service.

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