Monitor and control tubular connection make-up reliably, accurately, and easily with MTT, the McCoy Torque/ Turn Monitoring System.
MTT is a software tool that interacts with external control hardware to provide real-time monitoring and control of tubular connection make-up when using a power tong, bucking unit, CRT (with a data sub). It allows you to easily specify make-up parameters, control the make-up process, and evaluate quality.

Using the software, you can monitor torque, turns, and rotational speed during make-up. You have the option of controlling speed during make-up as well. Control is based on achieving final torque with evaluation of shoulder torque (including delta and final turns).

The MTT, our Torque/ Turn Monitoring System comes with:

  • Calibration and Connection management system
  • Automatic "Start Recording" and "Dump Valve Release"
  • Automatic descriptive comments with optional override
  • Optional pressure test system is available

MTT gives you the information you need to ensure make-up conforms to manufacturers' specs. You can review results from previous make-ups and create reports of the make-up data for further analysis and information.

PLAY VIDEO:  Virtual Thread Rep (VTR) technology – manage your torque/turn operations in Real-Time on One Device


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