Hydraulic Power

McCoy Global is the market leader in the design and build of superior quality hydraulic power tongs with the largest installed base in the world. Our power tongs are used by oilfield service companies to apply torque to make-up / break-out tubular on the rig and are also included in offshore rig packages.

One of our latest designs, the 10” 40K power tong is in response to the market need for even higher torque connections while being one of the smallest and lightest power tong available on the market today. We offer other designs even smaller and lighter than the 10" 40K.

SAFETY is in McCoy’S DNA - See safety features included in our products.

Power Tong

3-1/2” Models

5-1/2” Models

7-5/8” Models

8-5/8” Models

9-5/8” Models

13-5/8” Models

14” Models

20” Models

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