Torque Turn Monitoring System


Monitor and control tubular connection power tong make-up reliably, accurately, and easily with WINCATT®.

WINCATT® is a software tool that interacts with external control hardware to provide real-time monitoring and control of tubular connection power tong make-up. It allows you to easily specify make-up parameters, control the make-up process, and evaluate quality.

Using the software, you can monitor torque, turns, and rotational speed during make-up. You have the option of controlling speed during make-up as well. Controls are based on either final torque or final turns.

WINCATT® Torque Turn Monitoring System comes with:

  • Calibration management system
  • Automatic "Start Recording" and "Dump Valve Release"
  • Automatic descriptive comments with optional override
  • Optional pressure test system is available

WINCATT® increases the safety of your people and gives you the information you need to ensure make-up conforms to manufacturers’ specs. You can review results from previous make-ups and create a number of reports for further analysis and information.

Newest Features of WINCATT® 7:

  • Laptop running Windows 8
  • WINCATT® 7 software
  • Option to integrate with WINCATT® 8 (weCATT™) software and hardware
  • Touch screen
  • Built-in "one step" reporting system
  • Pipe connection library
  • Shoulder slope calculation
  • Multi-joint review, graphic overlay
  • Custom zoom feature
  • Program configuration in Tong or Bucking Unit mode


  • Monitors torque, turns and rotation speed during make-up
  • Controls based on final torque or final turns. Includes calibration management system
  • Includes automatic "Start Recording" and "Dump Valve Release"
  • Includes automatic descriptive comments with optional override
  • Option to accept or reject connection on delta turn
  • Easy graphical report creation and printing of reports with one button
  • Controls speed during make-up (optional)
  • Available with optional pressure test system
  • View multiple joints in make-up screen
  • Features mutiple language capabilities

Analyzes Makeup to Determine:

  • Conformance with thread manufacturer’s specification
  • Shouldering point for premium connections
  • Shouldering time, delta torque, delta turns
  • Review results from previous make-ups

WINCATT® - Torque Turn Monitoring System Specifications

Description Specification
Computer Laptop running Windows 8 in stainless steel enclosure
Sampling frequency User-defined from 1 to 8,000 Hz
Recording frequency Based on delta torque and user-defined delta time
Response time Electronics: < 0.5 ms
Hydraulic Dump Valve: Typical 10 to 30 ms
Final torque Average = optimum torque +/- 1%
Torque accuracy Typically <1%
Turns accuracy +/- 1 pulse of turns counter
Pressure accuracy Typically <1%
ATEX Certified Units
Used for hazardous and non-hazardous locations

WINCATT® Ex is ATEX certified for ATEX Category 2.

Suitable for:

  • Hazardous Locations
  • Apparatus Group II
  • Gas Group IIB
  • T Class T4
  • T Ambient -4°F to 102°F (-20°C to 40°C)

CE 0518 Certified

Pressurized Enclosure Type: PE2E266

Comes with Air Filter Assembly

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