Schedule Timely and Convenient Maintenance

Well-maintained equipment systems work to the best of their capabilities, delivering more work at lower operating costs, for longer. Product Support and Solutions offer a range of Customer Support Agreements (CSAs) to allow you to choose the most effective way of running your equipment at peak performance, and eliminate the risk, cost, disruption and loss of revenue caused by unscheduled downtime and reduced working life. McCoy Global offers field and in-house calibration and repair services for all makes and models of bucking units.

Increase Uptime

Minimizing unscheduled or preventable downtime of your asset is crucial to achieving maximum productivity and optimizing the return on your investment. Carrying out scheduled maintenance on time and in line with McCoy Global’s recommended guidelines, using high quality parts, and advice from our technicians are just some of the ways that McCoy’s Product Support and Solutions can help. Whether you prefer to have all your parts included as part of your contract or you prefer to buy directly, McCoy’s Product Support and Solutions helps you access what you need, when you need it and with the quickest turnaround possible.

Extend Working Life

The working life of your equipment can be effected by many things. McCoy Global’s Product Support and Solutions recognizes how various factors like site conditions, operator performance, good maintenance practice and calibration can impact component life and work to help mitigate the influence of these. By analyzing and monitoring equipment data, the McCoy Global technicians can work with you to identify and recommend solutions which can prolong the life of your equipment. Good maintenance practices are promoted through our Customer Support Agreements (CSAs) included throughout the Product Support and Solution packages.

In addition we also offer In-house calibration of McCoy WINCATT®, weCATT™ and weVERIFY™

Reduce Operating Costs

Product Support and Solutions can help you reduce the total ownership and operating costs of your equipment in many ways. For example a failing hydraulic component that could contaminate a hydraulic system or a bolt or a series of bolts that could loosen. Product Support and Solutions can also play a key role in reducing the costs of other aspects of your business, such as site conditions and staff expenses. Product Support and Solutions enable you to:

  • Precisely identify problems.
  • Prioritize and streamline tasks.
  • Receive data that helps you better manage direct expenses such as labor, maintenance and repairs.

Additional Services

  • Bucking Unit repair and calibration.
  • Top Drive / Iron Roughneck verification.
  • Load Monitoring repair and calibration.
  • Torque Sub repair and calibration
  • WINCATT repair and calibration

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