McCoy Global bucking machines are used by threading and completion shops to make up or break out tubular connections in a horizontal position.

Our range of bucking units are used for the make-up or break-out of tool assemblies which have varying diameters and lengths. The tong and backup spacing can be adjusted from a few inches to many feet. Our short stroke Bucking Units use the patented die system, which features a self-aligning spline system that wraps around the pipe, providing coverage up to 330 degrees. The dies distribute the radial load over the largest possible area to minimize pipe stress and deformation. McCoy Global Bucking Units have three main components:

  1. A powered, rotating tong assembly with hydraulically operated jaws that grip the tubular's coupling
  2. A non-rotating backup assembly with hydraulically operated jaws that grip the body of the tubular
  3. A frame system that supports the first two items and contains the drive mechanisms

Continuous Short Stroke bucking units

Continuous Long Stroke bucking units

Make / Break Units

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