weCATT™ Wireless Torque Sub Brochure

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Create DateFebruary 8, 2018

McCoy’s weCATT™ Wireless torque sub provides solutions to
customers’ measurement challenges. Extensive field-testing has
proven that weCATT™ measures torque, turns, and hook load
with unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness. These features
combined with robust constructions, long battery life, and easy
integration with OEM top drives and casing running tools are key
reasons why weCATT™ has redefined tubular connection sensor
technology. weCATT™ transmites wirelessly to mcCoy’s
winCATT® torque/turn management system, or any other data
acquisition system of choice.
Size 4-1/2” API NC 50 6-5/8” API REG
Thread Orientation P in Up / Box Down or Box Up / Pin Down
Torque 35K ft.-lb. 50K ft .-lb.
Hook Load 350T 500T
Torque/Tension Accuracy ±1% Full Scale
Turns Resolution 1,000 S amples Per Revolution
Temperature Range -20° t o 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Battery Life 30 D ays Continuous
Wireless Transmission ZIGBEE Protocol 2.4 GHz
Line o f Sight up to 250 ft.
w e CATT™
Enclosure Rating 4X and IP66
Hazardous Area Class I D ivision 1, Class I Zone 1,
Classification G roup IIB, T4
Certifications CS A/UL/ATEX/IECEx
Design Designed to API 8C
Weight Approximately 350 lbs.
Length S tandard shoulder to shoulder
21.62” (18.63” is the minimum
shoulder to shoulder length if
ther e is zero re-cut allowance)