WeVerify II Torque Calibration Bar Brochure

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Create DateFebruary 8, 2018

From the global market leader in well construction equipment for
ensuring connection integrity, McCoy Global’s weVERIFY II
torque calibration bar and display is the solution for calibrating
Bucking Units in non-hazardous environments.
When inaccurate torque is delivered by the bucking unit to your
make-up connections it can cause damage to tubulars, dropped
strings, leaks, and other connection failures that result in
downtime in the critical path. You reduce the likelihood of all
those things occurring if you check the torque delivery from your
bucking unit on a regular basis.
The weVERIFY II provides improved accuracy in its calibration
capability through its separating grip adapters from the sensors,
removing the effects of irrelevant forces being applied to the
sensors, and only transmitting torque forces. In addition, the
gauging selection and application increases accuracy by now
including eight discreet strain gauges placed at 45° and
cross-wired to one another which reduces the effects of radial
and bending forces impacting the torque reading.
• Wireless wifi communication via a McCoy developed app
that sends the data in real time as your bucking unit is being
calibrated. The app can be installed on computers, laptops or
tablets that operate with MS Windows
• Separate grip adapters mate with the square drive to minimize
unwanted forces into the weVERIFY II sensor (unwanted forces can
create measurement errors)
• Gauging selection and application reduces the effects of radial
and bending forces impacting the torque reading
• Lighter weight by constructing the Sensor through a
combination of high strength stainless steel and aluminum
• Battery power with off-the-shelf Alkaline AA cells including a
magnetic on/off switch to aid battery life
weVERIFY II, 50K, wifi
(Standard grip adapters are 7 5/8” OD with a total
grip length of 32”)
weVERIFY II, 100K, wifi
(Standard grip adapters 9 5/8” OD with a total grip
length of 32”)
weVERIFY II, 150K, wifi
(Standard grip adapters 10.75” with total grip
length of 32”)