McCoy Global partners with WWT to develop IoT Platform

McCoy Global Takes Seat as Digital Leader with Cloud Platform
A serverless architecture built for IoT with custom application development reimagines how oil and gas companies operate.

About McCoy Global
Founded in 1914 and headquartered in Alberta, Canada, McCoy Global is the leading provider of tubular makeup technologies for the global oil and gas industry. Energy companies around the world rely on McCoy products to keep drilling operations safe and efficient through making secure tubular connections while monitoring the integrity of the wellbore.

McCoy Global has traditionally produced capital equipment for the oil and gas industry. The company’s portfolio of equipment is used on oil rigs, and the company’s portfolio of sensors allows customers to monitor the performance and integrity of land and offshore operations.

In 2019, McCoy asked themselves a bold question: What if they could turn their products into IoT devices and make drilling-related data available to customers and third-party experts through a cloud platform?

If so, customers could shed the expense of having experts on site, especially when pipe is connected at drill sites. Instead, they could simply log in to a portal application and interact with third-party experts remotely as connections are made.

Already the leader in its industry, this new digital service would further secure McCoy’s position in the market and insulate the company from digital disruption. In fact, it could even set a new standard in safety, not to mention save customers a substantial amount of money in onsite expertise.

To pull it off, McCoy would need scalable cloud infrastructure with an IoT architecture on the backend and custom application development on the front.

Richard Chism, Project Manager for Digital Transformation for McCoy Global, was tasked with figuring out how to make the big idea a reality.

“We’re not cloud architects; we’re not UI guys; we don’t have the experience with front- and back-end designs for web applications,” Chism said. “We could either try to create that kind of team, which would have taken a substantial amount of time and money, or we could find a partner that could get the job done.”

McCoy decided to put the lion’s share of its annual technology budget to piloting a cloud platform using pipe connection data from MTT®, the McCoy Torque / Turn Monitoring System.

Chism and his team had eight months to see if it would work.

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