Double Cup

Used for Running Tapered Casing Strings

The AutoFill™ Casing Fill-up and Circulating System was designed by individuals who have over of 50 years of design and field service experience in the oil service industry. We are familiar with the problems associated with the need to run different size casings during one job and the need to run Flush Mount Joint casing with very sharp edges on the ID of the connection.

The Double Cup Circulator Assembly provides the sealing unit to seal while running a tapered string of casing. The Unit allows you to fill, take flow back, and circulate. The type of seal chosen for this purpose is a packer cup seal and it automatically seals within the casing as soon as it is inserted in the casing string. This makes circulation possible as soon as the cup seal is inserted in the casing string eliminating any wasted time required to energize other seal types.

An important feature of this unit is that the cup seal is mounted on a freely rotating sleeve that allows the casing to be rotated while the cup seal is inside the casing. This is particularly important when side door elevators are used since the cup is always in the casing.

This unit is centralized and guided into the casing by gage rings that are mounted directly below the cup seals. Both gage rings are free to rotate while the casing is being made up.

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