DW Casing
Running Tool (DWCRT)

The DrawWorks CRT represents a new generation of Casing Running Tools. It is a mechanical tool with a modular design. The DWCRT is designed to make up the casing, run it in the well, and provide rotation, reciprocation, and circulation at any time.  Using our patented compensator lock mechanism (CLM), no top drive set downforce is required to set the slips. This feature also allows the DWCRT to be set with low torque, which provides an easy release, and the ability to achieve high torque. The DWCRT has the fewest total parts making it the simplest and easiest CRT on the market to maintain between jobs. One actuator head is used for sizes 4-1/2” to 20” casing reducing the number of complete tools required for your operation. Our philosophy has always been to make our equipment so that it can be maintained on the well site when required.

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