Portable Aircraft Digital Scale System

Portable Aircraft Digital Scale System (PADS) System

The McCoy Global Portable Aircraft Digital Scale System (PADS) System delivers both accuracy and reliability and nothing is more important when weighing and balancing an airliner. Its accuracy, reliability, ease-of-use and maintainability has led major aircraft manufacturers to choose PADS as the exclusive system for aircraft weight and balance. PADS can be used for all aircraft and for other high accuracy weighing applications. Both the scale and display are ruggedized against physical abuse, shock and vibration, and are certified for use in Hazardous areas. Because its electronics assemblies are environmentally sealed and its stainless steel sensors are seal welded, the scale can be reliably set down into floor recesses.


PADS are more advanced than other aircraft digital scales in terms of accuracy, dependability, ease-of-use, and maintainability. McCoy Global specializes in the design and manufacture of ruggedized weighing sensors and systems, which must withstand physical abuse, shock, and vibration over many years of operation.


Built to satisfy the most demanding requirements and incorporating the McCoy Global experience in design of rugged instrumental on for aircraft and missile weighing. PADS makes available to the airline and aerospace industries a higher level of cost effective performance.

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