Short Hose StabberLess

The Short Hose StabberLess AutoFill System is designed to facilitate filling, circulating, and flow back when there is no stabber in the derrick and to reduce the time required to run casing, and allowing immediate circulation in case of well problems. The system allows the rig pumps to be used in the fill-up process while making up and running each joint of casing. This tool hangs inside the elevator to allow easy stab in operation and is widely used on land rigs in the Eagle Ford shale and Oklahoma.

Safety is greatly increased when using a Short Hose StabberLess AutoFill System without the need to have an operator in the derrick.

The Short Hose StabberLess AutoFill System can run on top drives and conventional rigs with hooks. The conventional rig adaptor and mud hose assembly is sold separately.

The C & CF-Series Valves provide an internal valve that opens when you begin pumping. The valve will close when the pumps are stopped to prevent fluid from dripping on the rig floor. This valve also has a large flow-back area to facilitate running a liner or casing string with an open ended or flow back float shoe.

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