Side Entry Swivel

The DrawWorks Side Entry Swivel can be used to cement the well as needed. Effective zonal isolation of a wellbore is vital to ensuring that it is put into production. A bad cement job can create costly NPT, so operators are requesting to rotate and/or reciprocate the casing while cementing. Engineered to work with DrawWorks DWCRT, the “Cement Swivel” (DWSES) provides an entry port for the cement between the DWCRT and the top drive. This combination of equipment allows almost immediate transition from casing running operations to cementing, and it also allows the casing to be rotated and reciprocated during the cementing process. The tool joint connections are compatible with your existing top drives or casing running tools (CRT) but can come preassembled with your DrawWorks DWCRT to further reduce rig up/downtime.

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