350Ton, 40K, NC50, 4 1/2” OD

From the leading producer of Wireless Torque & Tension Sub (TTS) Technology, with units operating worldwide and in service
since 2006, McCoy Global is introduced the Enhanced Torque & Tension Sub with Integrated Turns to support torque-turn control for connection make-up using top drive casing running tools. No other supplier has the experience and number of systems operating as McCoy Global.

  • Higher Accuracy- Measured Torque vs. Derived Torque
  • No Cable runs or Encoder Rig-up - Reducing flat time between drilling and casing running
  • Less Kit - Reduced rig-up time/sub and laptop with USB receiver are all that is required
  • Data Formatted - To integrate with your torque/turn software or a turnkey solution can be provided through our WINCATT® system.
  • Existing TTS Subs - can be upgraded to include enhanced integrated turns
  • TTS works - with all Top Drive Casing Running Tools

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