Our weTORQ™ 100: 85,000 Make-up and 100,000 Break-out Wrench and Spinner is a very compact unit with the wrench and spinner mounted on a positioning arm, fitting standard floor sockets. The unit is designed to save time and money on land-based rigs, while also increasing safety on the rig floor. It was developed due to demands for higher torques but increased safety.

Make-up and Break-out Wrench and Spinner Benefits

  • Advanced Technology: Adjustable force on torque cylinder. The force is adjustable by setting the pressure relief valve extending the life of the tool joint/pipe. “Soft start” feature that keeps a lower pressure on the lower clamp until the upper clamp is activated following spin-in. This prevents distortion of the box end of the drill pipe and reduces the potential for “egg shaping” the pipe connection. Wrenching action covers an arc of 75°, so pipe is tripped in a shorter time.
  • Reliability: Profiled Spin Rollers for maximum gripping and zero tubular marking. Uniform, repetitive and correct makeup of every connection, reducing chance of over-torqueing connections. Up to 75° torque rotation.
  • Increased Safety: Eliminates handling of manual tongs, spinners and chains on the rig floor. Ergonomic controls. Hydraulically powered controls are mounted wirelessly/remotely.
  • Economical: Uses standard tong dies, resulting in excellent grip of and minimal marking on tool joints. The dies are readily available and easy to install. Uses common hydraulic hoses for minimum spare parts and quick replacement. Accessible and easy to work on for greasing and adjustments. Allows for rig friendly maintenance.
  • Intelligent Operation: Controlled movement to well center. Controlled make-up/break-out
  • Speed: Approximately 20-30 seconds per cycle. Fast and continuous controlled make-up/break-out


Spin Wrench Minimum Pipe Size OD 3.5 in. (76 mm)
Spin Wrench Maximum Pipe Size OD 9.5 in. (229 mm)
Clamp Minimum Pipe Size OD 4 in. (102 mm)
Clamp Maximum Pipe Size OD 9.5 in. (229 mm)
Range of Motion 75°
Minimum Tool Joint Height 16 in. (406 mm)
Positioner Reach Up To 144" (3650 mm)
Make-Up Torque 85,000 lbf·ft (115,245 N·m)
Break-Out Torque 100,000 lbf·ft (135,582 N·m)
Maximum Hydraulic Requirements 34 gpm (129 Lpm) at 3,000 psi (207 bar)
Length Fully Retracted on Positioner 78 in. (1,981 mm)
Length Fully Extended on Positioner 170 in. (4,318 mm)
Height Fully Retracted on Positioner 131 in. (3,327 mm)
Height Fully Extended on Positioner 123 in. (3,124 mm)
Weight without Positioner (Approx) 4,500 lb. (2,041 kg)
Weight with Positioner (Approx) 9,500 lb. (4,309 kg)
Additional Information Configuration Models


• Complete Wrench and Spinner (Option: Wrench Only)
• Positioner (Option: Hanging)
• Onboard Manual (Option: Wireless/Remote Control)

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