10” 40,000 ft/lbs High Performance Power Tong

McCoy Global is the market leader in the design and build of superior quality hydraulic power tongs with the largest installed base of power tongs in the world.  Our power tongs are used by oilfield service companies to apply torque to make-up / break-out tubular on the rig and are also included in offshore rig packages.

Our latest design, the 10” 40K power tong is in response to the market need for even higher torque connections while being the smallest and lightest power tong available on the market today.

Designed for use on locations where limited working areas, reduced manual handling and running performance is critical, the MGT 10”40K high performance power tong meets the demand of increasing connection torques with the smallest and lightest power tong available in the market.

The unique jaw design featured in this latest generation power tong enables the user to compensate for nominal pipe diameter variances while saving costs by reducing the selection of jaws required to meet the diverse pipe sizes used in today’s increasingly complex wells.



  • Compact design for ease of use on small area work areas
  • Lighter weight design for reduced handling risks
  • High RPM for improved running times
  • Higher torque for each size from 9-5/8” to 4-1/2” to meet increasing connection torques
  • Combined with a McCoy Global Back-up, the system provides more precise control of connection makeup along with safety enhancements

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