Extensive testing confirms that McCoy’s all new MGT 10” 40K Tong is capable of consistent make-up and break-out at maximum torque rating – 40,000 ft.lb.

We tested our all new MGT 10” 40K Tong by making several thousand consecutive connections to the tong’s maximum torque rating of 40,000 ft.lb. During the test we purposefully made many attempts to force Ring Gear’s leading tooth to remesh with the Outboard Idler opposite the operator as the Tong reaches its maximum torque. This condition is the worst case, seen only a fraction of the time by a Tong in field use, and accentuates wear in this critical area.  After the test we completely disassembled the tong and inspected each of its critical components. Only normal, anticipated wear was observed, none of the components failed or showed anomalies. After that we assembled the tong back and sent it in the field where it continues to work with one of our customers. Since the test, we have a number of tongs working with three different customers in the field, all used to make-up high torque connections.

MGT 10” 40K Tong


As are result of the extensive testing performed we are able to guarantee that McCoy’s MGT 10” 40K tong is capable of consistent make-up and break-out of consecutive connections at 40,000 ft.lb. (its maximum torque rating). Its high torque for each pipe size meets industry’s demand of increasing torque requirements.

This is how our new high torque tong was tested. How was yours?

MGT 10″ 40K TONG Brochure